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Prospects For Welding Production Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors For Laser Engraver

Prospects for welding production Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors For Laser Engraver


As the welding structure has the advantages of light weight, low cost, stable quality, short production cycle, high efficiency and fast market reaction, the application of welding structure is increasing day by day. The production of welding consumables in a country can reflect the overall level of welding technology in the country. Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors For Laser Engraver. China's total production of welding materials is basically synchronized with the growth of steel. Statistics: wire supply an average annual Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors -3.jpgrate of 20% -30% growth, gas protection welding solid wire nearly 10 years increased nearly 4 times, becoming China's fastest growing welding consumables. China's welding consumables has become the world's largest welding consumables production and consumption countries.