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Environmental Pollution-Bao-1500 Laser Fume Extractor For Laser Cutting Machine

Environmental Pollution-Bao-1500 Laser Fume Extractor For Laser Cutting machine

       "We believe all citizens have an inherent right to the enjoyment of pure and uncontaminated air and water and soil; that this right should be regarded as belonging to the whole community; and that no one should be allowed to trespass upon it by his carelessness or his avarice or even his ignorance. "

       This resolution, adopted in 1869 by the Massachusetts Board of Health, is the ideal of pollution control. Over a hundred years ago, therefore, pollution was already recognized as evil, and this resolution was an attempt to define the problem. Unfortunately, this definition is only an ideal, since total elimination of pollution would effectively require the elimination of modern civilization. The definition of pollution must therefore be more realistic if it is to be of practical value.

       So, we recommend that you use our Laser Fume Extractor in order to purify the toxic gases produced by laser cutting. If you have any questions about Fume Extractor please feel free to contact us.