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Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors For Laser Engraver

Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors For Laser Engraver

Foreign research on the treatment of welding dust than China early, relatively advanced processing technology, mature. The welding dust control equipment is developed from singleness, fixed type, large scale, complete set, combination, mobility, miniaturization and low resource consumption. Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors For Laser Engraver. The treatment of welding dust using local ventilation-based, comprehensive ventilation as a means to improve the operating environment of pollution.
China's research on welding dust control, although started late, but the development of faster. 
Laser fume extractor In full use of foreign related product design and research results on the basis of the formation of China's national conditions for the design of thinking. But because of the overall level of the gap, resulting in the processing equipment design and manufacturing, operating costs control and processing results compared with foreign similar products there is a certain gap.