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Working principle of laser fume extractor

Working principle of laser fume extractor

(3) Working principle: During the operation of the fume purification system, the harmful fumes enter the purification system through the suction arm.  The splashing spark separation device inside the air inlet of the purifying system can intercept the splashing and large particle dust buffered in the pipeline which moves rapidly with the air flow and is directly separated into the dust collecting device below.


(4) when the fine dust enters the portable fume extractor, it also slows down. With air flow to the filter cartridge, it is stopped by filter cartridge and accumulates on the surface of filter cartridge. During this process, the resistance of filter cartridge increases due to the continuous accumulation of dust. At this time, the purification control system through the pressure sensor has been compared in monitoring status, when the wind resistance reaches a certain value, which is affecting air suction, automatic control system in turn open the air solenoid valve, the filter barrel cleaning nozzle through the filter cartridge within one by one. Dust blown directly into the dust collecting device below