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We can choose the right laser water chiller by calculating the cooling capacity-1

We can choose the right CO2 laser water chiller by calculating the cooling capacity-1

Refrigerating capacity

A.as the name suggests, it refers to the actual cooling capacity of the cooling system of the CO2 laser water chiller unit, and is the first index of the selection of the cooling equipment of the laser.

B. generally we can calculate the heat output of the laser according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser.

P heat = P laser / μ

Suppose that the thermal efficiency(μ) of a CO2 laser is generally 15%, 80W lasers require at least this: 80/0.15 = 533W, that is mean, when the laser generates 80W laser, the laser injected 533W energy, and the invalid energy needs to be taken away by CO2 Laser Engraving Water Chiller.

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