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The danger of water chiller clogging

The danger of water chiller clogging

The normal operation of the industrial chiller after a period of time, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, which clean the internal dirt is particularly important, even Baodian industrial chiller such a high-quality products, If in a certain period of time, we do not do any cleaning of the chiller, it will lead to industrial chillers have different degrees of fault problems. For industrial chillers, there will be more common scale and impurity clogging problems after long-term operation. When the chiller scaling or serious clogging, will lead to small water chiller operating pressure is too high, or because of high pressure can not start. If we do not promptly remove the internal scale and impurities, once the accumulation, Scale and impurity range will continue to expand, a direct impact on the cooling effect of industrial water chiller. When the heat dissipation is affected, if we continue to run the industrial chiller, the energy consumed by the equipment is greatly increased, will seriously affects the stable operation of the industrial chiller.

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