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Method for removing scale in condenser of chiller cw 5200

Method for removing scale in condenser of chiller cw 5200


The condenser of cw 5200 chiller should be cleaned regularly, and the cleaning time can be determined according to the quality of water and scaling, but at least once a year. The methods of cleaning scale are divided into chemical cleaning and physical cleaning.


Chemical cleaning method: the use of cleaning liquid for cleaning, first with acid solution for cleaning, and then alkaline solution and cleaning, and finally rinse with water, the acid and alkali solution clean.


1. The cleaning liquid can be added to the cooling water system at a certain proportion, and the cooling pump is opened for 12 to 24 hours. The sediment layer is dissolved and exfoliated by the chemical and scouring action of the cleaning liquid. However, this method requires a large amount of cleaning liquid, high cost.


2, the connection of the circulating pump and the pipeline between the cleaning tank and the condenser, forming a closed loop, so that the cleaning liquid circulates 12 to 24 hours, the sediment dissolution, fall off.


3, the cleaning fluid in a certain proportion of mixing, add to the condenser, static 5 - 10 hours, so that sediment softening and dissolution, drain cleaning liquid, washed with water.


The advantage of chemical cleaning is to remove dirt thoroughly and reduce the workload of the workers. The drawback is that the cleaning solution may cause corrosion to the condenser copper tube and the waste liquid after cleaning. The cleaning liquid is more expensive.


Physical cleaning: mainly using soft shaft brush cleaning. The flexible shaft is driven by the motor of the cleaning machine, the front of the flexible shaft is provided with a nylon brush, use the brush into the flexible shaft and the condenser tube, to remove dirt inside the brass brush through high speed rotating forward, finally rinse with water, this machine is called a tube Cleaner.


The advantages of physical cleaning is eliminating the chemical cleaning solution cost, avoid the problem of waste after chemical cleaning, is not easy to cause the corrosion of condenser copper tube. The drawback is that for the strong adhesion of hard dirt and corrosion products, cleaning effect is not good, and cleaning operation is more time-consuming and laborious.


Therefore, if the condenser has too hard scale, we recommend the combination of chemical cleaning and physical cleaning. First, soak the condenser with the cleaning solution. After the scale is softened, remove it with physical cleaning method.