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​How to deal with the block of Laser marking machine (for metal mold) chiller

How to deal with the block of Laser marking machine (for metal mold) chiller


For metal molds, whether in our daily life or industry, it has an indispensable role, metal molds are precision tools, its level of development is one of the important indicators of the level of mechanical manufacturing. The quality of metal mold parts produced by laser marking machine with the quality of the operation of laser marking machine is closely related. Laser marking machine mini water chillers can effectively increase the efficiency of the marking machine, so the role of the chiller contributed. Therefore, the metal mold parts laser marking machine chiller is particularly important. Often the chillers are used for a long time, they will inevitably be some failure, which is more common problem is the chiller inlet and outlet blockage, the inlet and outlet blockage will cause the cooling performance of the cw 5000 water chiller. This requires the user to clean up the blockage  in time, in the next article let us explore the way to deal with industrial chillers blocking.

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