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Function of condenser and accumulator in laser chiller

Function of condenser and accumulator in laser chiller


The laser chiller cw 5000 refrigerant fluid absorbs the heat of the cooled material in the evaporator and vaporizes into steam. The compressor continuously extracts the generated steam from the evaporator and compresses it. The compressed high-temperature and high-pressure steam is sent to the condenser. Then, it releases heat to the cooling medium (water, air, etc.), condenses into a high-pressure liquid, enters the evaporator after depressurization by the throttling mechanism, vaporizes again, absorbs the heat of the object to be cooled, and circulates periodically.


During heating, the refrigerant changes the direction of refrigerant flow through the four-way valve. The direction of flow of the refrigerant is just opposite to that during cooling. The refrigerant passes through the evaporator first, then back to the condenser and finally back to the laser chiller manual compressor.