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Does the laser chiller's dustproof net need to be cleaned?

Does the laser chiller's dustproof net need to be cleaned?


The dustproof net of the laser water cooler is an important part of the radiator of the water chiller. It is also a component that is often neglected by the users. In fact, in the process of running the industrial chiller cw 5200, the dustproof net can obstruct the dust and impurity inhaled in the high-speed operation of the welding chiller.

If the laser chiller internal dust is more serious, will lead to the overall performance of the laser chillers continue to decline, chillers cooling effect will be affected. Especially for the harsh production environment, the role of chiller dustproof net is very important. Regularly clean the dustproof net, so that the chiller cw 5200 more stable cooling.


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