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Chiller Plug Treatment Method

Chiller Plug Treatment Method:


1, regular replacement of industrial chillers circulating water (three months for a cycle);

2, water cooling machine circulating water must be clean pure water or distilled water, which can reduce the deposition of dirt;

3, regularly clean the pump, to avoid deposition of dirt; water pipe plug;

4, you can make the pump connected to the water pipe, and then try to blow out the debris inside the pipe. you can also use the diluted acid soak, so that the plug softened, and then use high pressure water gun, blowing inside the scale and impurities.

5, regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of laser cooling system, to avoid all types of failures affect the safe operation of industrial chillers. The specific cleaning cycle needs to be determined according to the environment in which the packaged water chiller is used.

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