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Baodian waterchiller​ Features and functions:

Baodian waterchiller Features and functions:

※ The main accessories selected US and Japan imported new brand-name compressor, built-in security, low noise, energy saving and durable.

※electrical parts of mini water chiller are international brands "Schneider" original products to ensure that the machine is stable, long life.


※ imports of Italian original and domestic pumps, large flow, high efficiency, durable and durable.


commercial water chiller equipped with imported precision digital temperature controller, can accurately control the water temperature ± 1 ℃, set the temperature range of 5 ℃ -35 ℃

※ All stainless steel thick plate exchange evaporator, built-in automatic water supply device, cleaning and maintenance convenient.

※ air cooling unit cooling cold row, by the fin with the ranks of brass composition, the use of secondary flanging fins mechanical up tube industry and advanced heat exchanger production line to ensure high quality and efficiency.

※ electrostatic spray shell, the European design, nice, the appearance of the rapid use of removable form, easy to use and maintenance.

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