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Analysis on the Reason of Alarm of laser Chiller

Analysis on the Reason of Alarm of laser Chiller


Industrial chiller is a laser cutting machine water cooled chiller system, can ensure that the cavity mirror will not be deformed or damaged due to heat, the resonant cavity and the resonator frame are not deformed by heat, working gas can work, high pressure system can work properly. In order to use with the laser, the chiller will have a corresponding alarm protection output device. Generally the following reasons will cause the laser cutting machine water cooler alarm.

1. Power supply system is not normal, low power supply is likely to cause water cooler alarm. This requires us to ensure that the supply voltage is normal.

2. The water in the chiller is too small. Need to fill pure water.

3. Water plugs, water protection clogging and increased resistance to water flow can also cause alarm. This requires us to do the cleaning and finishing work.

4. Water temperature is too high to cause the alarm, to timely change the water.

5. There is a problem with the water pump in the laser water chiller.

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